The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows #3 Recap
4.1Overall Score

WARNING : This post contains spoilers.

Not only is The Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows the last Spider-Man story before the reboot, it is also one of the most controversial. Our friendly neighborhood hero is not so friendly anymore.

For those who are not caught up, our story continues on our planet now called Battleworld. Basically, it is the remains of our universe and many others sown together by the events of the Secret Wars. All on Earth, all with their own story, and all ruled by one person; its God and Master, Dr. Doom.

Renew Your Vows happens in the Regency domain, controlled by an ex-tycoon turned super villain named Regent. Regent’s rise to domination came when he defeated the Avengers using the powers he stole from X-Men. With the Avengers defeated and their powers absorbed as well, Regent is even more powerful.

As with any super villain worth a lick, Regent’s hunger for power is unquenchable. Regent creates a mini army of villains to hunt down any remaining super heroes or super-powered being so he can either absorb their power or experiment on.

In this world, Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson are happily married and have a daughter named Annie May Parker. Annie has special abilities just like her father. In order to keep his family safe, Peter decides to retire as Spider-Man and be the best family man he can be. He teaches his daughter how to suppress her powers and keep Regent’s attention and goons as far away as possible. Easier said than done.Eventually Peter was forced to be Spider-Man again and Mary Jane suggests using the black suit. (Sweet!)

As word gets to Regent that Spider-Man is back, he orders his elite group of henchmen, The Sinister Six, to track him down.

One unfortunate member gets to him first, only to meet the new, more dangerous web-head. The rest of The Sinister Six arrive too late. Seeing how Spider-Man left their fallen team member, they immediately realize the difference between the old Spider-Man and the new Spider-Man they are dealing with currently.


I really like the direction they are going with this story. The way they portray Spider-Man as a protective father and how he deals with any and all that threaten his family is surprising. It would be interesting to see how everyone else in the story around him reacts to it. I cannot wait to see how he handles the rest of The Sinister Six. Mix that new attitude with the old black suit just makes this issue a must-buy.


As for the next issue, we all saw this coming. Can’t wait!