The moment the intro credits rolled in, I knew this was going to be one helluva ride. The film follows Wade Wilson, aka the crap-talking merc Deadpool, who seeks revenge on the man who disfigured his body, and is seeking to reconcile with a loved one. It’s another Marvel comic book movie, but this time it doesn’t follow your typical superhero formula. Rather than focusing on a man who does good for the sake of doing so, it focuses on a man doing things for his own personal benefit and having a lot of fun while at it. Marvel holds no boundaries when it comes to showcasing mature content. And may I say that it’s glorious. deadpool-gallery-06

Directed by first time director, Tim Miller, it stars Ryan Reynolds, Ed Skrein, and Morena Baccarin among many others. Reynolds portrays Wade Wilson’s character almost to perfection. He’s a crude man with a smartass mouth, and is pretty much the opposite of your standard super hero.

The script is without a doubt the film’s biggest strength as it stays faithful to what Deadpool is known for: crude humor and constant 4th wall breaks. I was personally worried that the humor would be nerfed, and that the movie wouldn’t stay true to the mature content that Deadpool is known for. Thankfully, they go all out by adding as much violence and F-bombs as possible.

What makes Deadpool a unique superhero movie is the fact that it’s a Meta film. It’s completely self-aware that it’s a work of fiction, and fully embraces that. It makes fun of the fact that it’s a superhero movie (and a movie in general), the problems that occurred during filming, and it even pokes fun at those who participated in the film. Respect to Reynolds for being able to make fun of his awful Green Lantern portrayal.

Other aspects of the film I liked were its action scenes. They’re over the top, fast paced, and overall exciting. Although there are times when the CGI looks a little off. But Colossus’ CGI looks rather convincing, and the way Deadpool’s eyes were implemented into his suit is impressive.



One thing I have to address negatively is the film’s plot. There’s nothing bad about it, but there’s nothing outrageous about it either. It’s a basic story with pretty much everything you would expect from a film like this. It pretty much became predictable at one point. The film’s villain is pretty one-dimensional because he’s an evil doer who does evil things just for the fun of it.

Deadpool is a highly entertaining ride from beginning to end. Humor is spot on, while action is riveting. Ryan Reynolds delivers his best performance in YEARS. It is an overall faithful adaptation of the comic book. Many fans of Deadpool will most certainly not be disappointed as it pulls all the right strings. If you ask me, Deadpool feels just like Kingsman: The Secret Service from last year.  They poke fun at its intended genre, and completely defied people’s expectations.

Grade: A

Deadpool Movie Review
4.5Overall Score
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