Deadpool vs. Thanos 1: Comic Review
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The title itself, Deadpool vs. Thanos is enough to catch any comic geeks’ attention. Putting everyone’s favorite merc up against one of the biggest bad guys in the Marvel Universe in one comic book series is interesting, but we all know what the outcome would be.

Deadpool Thanos

Deadpool vs. Thanos….sorta

We also know there is a deranged sort of love triangle between our two main characters and Death. Thanos, who is infatuated with Death, would and has destroyed half of the universe just to get her to notice him. Unfortunately, she put him in the friend-zone which drives him crazy. Then we have Deadpool, who has come so close to death many times, has grown fond of her as well. Although, due to his healing factor, he doesn’t stay dead and always comes back to the land of the living. He has become a frequent visitor, a visitor that Death herself has taking a liking to; everyone (even Death) wants what they can’t have. Finding out about this, Thanos in turn gives Deadpool the curse of immortality, forever keeping him away from his one true love. The readers are reminded of this fact on the very first page and how very easily Thanos can take it back. (See picture above)

They do not waste any time in setting the storyline in this first issue. We initially join the two in a battle. Well, we join in as Thanos is bashing Deadpool to a pulp, literally. Then flashing back to how we got to that point in time.

After tangling with Dr. Doom and losing, he gets his first visit with his “bae.”

Deadpool Thanos

The Mistress in Distress

After his healing factor kicks in, he finds out that a strange world-wide phenomena is happening. Nobody is dying, and the recently deceased are returning. He immediately assumes that Thanos has kidnapped Death, and he goes to Black Talon for answers

Black Talon is a normal vodoo priest dressed in a chicken suit that can summon and control zombies. The first time the two met, Deadpool could not stop laughing. So I found it kind of strange that Deadpool would go to him. Nevertheless, Black Talon agrees to help Deadpool with his plan, which is accomplished in one page. Side note: I love the little knock on Superman.

Deadpool Thanos

The Master Plan

This brings us back to the beginning where Thanos is obliterating Deadpool, leading to Deadpool’s second visit to Death. This time, Thanos is watching as Death chooses Deadpool as her champion. Thanos has nothing to do with Death’s disappearance, and realizes he must work with Deadpool to find out what is really going on. He then brings back Deadpool’s immortality.

Deadpool Thanos

The Team-Up

I think the title is a bit misleading; I was hoping for an actual battle between Deadpool Vs. Thanos. Of course, there is no way Deadpool stood any chance against the Mad Titan, but that is where it could’ve gotten creative. A team-up here, maybe a magic spell there to even out the playing field, but pretty much all the team-up we get is with Black Talon.

Before I read the comic, I was expecting Thanos to be up to his ol’ “destroying everything in sight” self to be actually “destroying everything in sight,” in his hopeless attempt to get out of the friend-zone with Mistress Death. Then somehow Deadpool getting in the middle of things. Instead, we get the same old story of two opposing sides, joining forces to obtain a common goal. Though this type of storyline is used a lot, it still is a winning formula. But who knows, once they find and rescue Death, Thanos is still a bad guy, with bad guy tendencies.

I still like where this story is headed. Who would kidnap Death and why? I hope they touch more on the effects of how nobody is dying and the dead returning to Earth.

This first issue wasn’t really what I was expecting, but it does have me waiting for the next issue.

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