As if this season of Game of Thrones hasn’t had enough resurrections on its own (there has only been one, really!), rumors abound that another one of the Starks is about to be resurrected. Who is it? Rumor mongers and Westerosi pundits are saying it could be Catelyn Stark, the mother of the clan.

While the rumors began early on in this season, they took hold after the last few episodes. Those who have read the book also appear to agree with these rumors, saying that it does seem like a good time for the creators of the show to adapt another one of the book’s storylines into the show.

So what really is the story from the book? Well, it revolves around Catelyn Tully being resurrected by one of the red priests. However, it turns out to be a bit of a botched resurrection with Catelyn Tully coming back in zombie avatar due to the fact that the resurrection took place after too long her killing.

It is true that Game of Thrones’ creators have a thing for subtle hints, and what they say is often opposite of what is actually going to happen in the show. There have been several subtle hints for the cleverer viewers to derive something from. Firstly, there are Bran’s visions from the last episode. Frequent revisits to the Red Wedding have also taken place. The last episode also took us to the home of Walder Frey who is planning to take back his castle and rather graphically recounts the red wedding. Then, there is the arrival of Benjen Stark and Edmure, both of whom signal a return to a plotline much awaited and anticipated by the fans.

The show has a way with hints; it starts with a converging plotline, scenes referring to a certain direction, flashbacks, and then boom – the anticipated surprise is there for you.

Of course, all these rumors could be just that – Rumors! The hints may not be hints but something that the story requires. The flashbacks could just be flashbacks and nothing more and maybe, for once, the writers of the show could be speaking the truth when they said they would not adopt the plot line involving the resurrection of Catelyn Stark. However, we GoT fans like to speculate and there is nothing we would love more than a resurrection of our favorite lady and to watch her fight for vengeance!