It’s already been two weeks. Yes, two episodes of Game of Thrones have already passed and we’re still reeling with the death of Hodor. It was so heartbreaking that we even began to appreciate the importance of a doorstop.


Hodor Ikea

But if you really want Hodor to hold the door for you, a Kickstarter project is trying to create an actual 6″ “Hodoor” Hold the Door Doorstop. Out of all the doorstops that we’ve seen in the past weeks, whether it’s real or not, this is by far the closest replica of the “hold the door” scene in Season 6, Episode 5 of Game of Thrones.


“Hodoor” Hold the Door Doorstop was conceptualized by a group of friends who are all hardcore Game of Thrones fans. They believe that Hodor is one of the heroes of the series and wanted to create a proper tribute piece for him. After all, “not all heroes hold weapons, some just hold the door.” They’ve already 3D printed some prototypes, and they look amazing.

PrototypePrototype 2Prototype 3

This is one hell of a collectible for Game of Thrones fans. Don’t you agree? However, “Hodoor” is currently under negotiation with HBO due to licensing rights, but the group assures backers that should things don’t go as planned, everyone will be refunded. But maybe if HBO sees that there’s a huge demand, they’ll get onboard with it. Back it up here and let HBO know that we really want “Hodoor” to hold our doors.