Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory Set Review and Time-lapse Build

Bazinga! Watch our time-lapse build of the new Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory Set #21302.

The idea was submitted back in February 2014. It reached 10,000 votes in less than a month, and got the green light in November for public release.

We finished building the set in a little under an hour. The base build of the floor and walls are as basic as they come. It is chock-full of small builds. But overall, it was still a manageable and easy build for builders of any level.

With a retail price of $59.99, it is the most expensive Lego Ideas set by far. The cost-per-piece is pretty high compared to the other Ideas sets. We believe it is mainly because you’re getting seven exclusive mini-figures. If you’ve already started collecting the Ideas sets, this is definitely a good pick-up, whether you’re a fan of the show or not. Lego Ideas Big Bang Theory is available now at shop.lego.com or at your local Lego retail stores.