Movie Nerd: Fantastic Four Movie Review
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Eight years after the Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, the reboot of the franchise is finally here. Twentieth Century Fox has yet again brought us an origin movie of Marvel’s first superhero team, and I honestly had high hopes for this one.

Since the first Iron-Man movie in 2008, a lot of Marvel character movies have raised the bar when it comes to the entertainment value and quality overall. Not all of them were good I have to say, but most of them were. So, for Marvel comic book fans, we expect a lot when it comes to movies about characters from our favorite comic book publisher.

A Recap

Reed Richards (Miles Teller), is a super genius scientist-to-be who has worked on his teleportation device along with his best friend, Ben Grimm (Jamie Bell) since they were kids. Reg E. Cathey (Dr. Franklin Storm) along with his daughter, Sue Storm (Kate Mara) saw Reed and Ben’s demonstration of transporting and retrieving matter at a science fair. They immediately realized that Reed’s work is the missing piece to their own machine, the Quantum Gate, and offered Reed a full scholarship at Baxster Institute so he could build a full-scale teleportation device capable of transporting human beings. They explained to Reed that it’s not just a normal teleportation, but it’s actually inter-dimensional travel called Planet Zero.

Once Reed has settled in, Dr. Storm recruited another genius, a former student, Victor Von Doom (Toby Kebbell) to work with Reed in perfecting the machine. Johnny Storm (Michael B. Jordan) joins the team to earn money after his faux Fast and Furious race cost him his car. He turns out to be an asset as he can build anything according to him.

The team successfully built a functioning Quantum Gate and the guys decided to go to Planet Zero themselves. Accidents in Planet Zero and in the lab caused significant physical changes to Reed, Sue, Johnny, and Ben. Now, they needed to work together after learning Doom’s plan of destroying Earth.

The Breakdown

With a great cast in Milles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell, along with a talented director Josh Trank taking the lead, it’s extremely hard to fathom as to why this movie failed so hard.

The script sucked.

Seriously. There was this scene at the science fair where Reed successfully demonstrated teleportation and retrieval, and his teacher exclaims, “This is not science, this is magic!” ARE YOU F[RENCH]ING KIDDING ME? A kid teleports a toy plane at a science fair, and you call it F[RENCH]ING MAGIC? There were more weird lines, unnecessary daddy / family issues, way too forced jealousy and crazy bromance. It was just so painful to watch. The fight scenes were, “What?! That’s it?” And to top it off, the very last scene of the movie, the conversation at the end will make you cringe out of frustration.

The story was lackluster.

It was lackluster, to put it nicely. There were a lot of jumps in the storyline, and some didn’t even make sense.

For example, after the accident that changed Ben Grimm to The Thing, he kept calling for Reed, scared as shit to what has happened to him. Minutes later, he accepted an offer from the military, and he seemed already okay to what has happened to him.

And Victor Von Doom, oh man. After being taken back to Earth, the scientists found out that Doom’s environment suit and helmet melted and infused to his body and his head. Yes, it’s like he had a fishbowl over his head and melted. His powers were covering his enemies with rocks so they can’t move.

There was also Johnny Storm’s pathetic recreation of The Fast and The Furious. If you do a street race in pretty beat up cars, that doesn’t really translate to good movie.

Overall, the story felt rushed and forced, and at times, did not make sense.

The actors

The acting most of the time was awkward and ineffective, which shocked me the most. With such a talented cast of young Hollywood stars, it’s like their skills didn’t show up in 90% of the movie. I tried focusing on Miles during the fight scene, and it was just awkward movements and facial expressions everywhere.

The Verdict

I went ahead and saw this movie in large format, thinking it might help translate the superhero movie better, but that didn’t do anything at all. Within the past year, Marvel Studios has set the bar way high for superhero movies such as Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, and Ant-Man, making us comic book fans expect a lot for new Marvel character movies.

With a script that sucks, a story that blows, and ineffective acting, Fantastic Four is a no go. IF you still decide to watch it, you have to lower your expectations coming in. Twentieth Century Fox seems to like trolling us Marvel fans, and this movie did just that. If you’re planning on watching it in the theater, don’t. If you plan on just buying the Blu-ray / DVD, don’t. Just wait for it over Fox cable channel in 2-3 years time.