Toy Nerd: Lego Creator Ferrari F40 - Review
4.7Overall Score

We added another set of wheels to our Lego garage – The new Lego Creator Ferrari F40.

According to Brand Finance, Lego has recently overtaken Ferrari as the world’s most powerful brand. The collaboration of these top brands have been quite a success over the years. Much like Ferrari, Lego has a rich history of producing models of the supercar brand – from the old Lego System sets, Lego Racers and the recently released Speed Champions sets.


Lego Creator sets usually have the models in a make-shift environment. The F40 is presented with a showroom approach – reflective floors, and showcase lighting. The contrast between the box’s blue treatment and Ferrari’s signature red color makes the box stand out of the shelves. The box also shows the different features of the completed model. Lego made a few new pieces specifically for this set. The windshield has red prints on the side, same as the two rear black bows, representing the pillars for the cabin. It also comes with new rims and rim inserts to match the actual F40 rims.


We were expecting a bit of a challenge to build this set. We were relieved by the eight numbered bags, and highlighted pieces on the instructions. The eight bags are grouped into only two batches. Four #1 bags build the chassis and the cabin. The four #2 bags build the engine, the hood, the rear hatch and the wheels. Not a total letdown, but we were actually looking forward to getting cross-eyed by digging through hundreds of red pieces. This set also has some of the smallest stickers we have seen. The hardest one was the steering wheel logo, where you have to apply it to a 1×1 flat circle piece.

Lego Ferrari F40 on displayPLAY OR DISPLAY

The Ferrari F40 packs a lot of cool details and features to resemble its real-life counterpart. We have pop-up headlights and vents on the front hood. The hood opens up to show the compartment that houses some tools. The swinging doors reveal the details inside the cabin. But our favorite has to be the massive V-8 engine under the rear hatch. The engine can be removed by pulling out the rear bumper, and popping out the engine from the engine bay. Much like the Mini Cooper and the Volkswagen T1 Camper sets, these details and features make the set a really nice display model.


You get a lot of value for this set. $99 USD is a steal for a licensed Ferrari product, and 1158 Lego pieces. Even for a casual Lego fan, this is a good starting point for a strong collection. For those who collect to sell in the future, the last Lego Ferrari set of a similar scale was released in 2008, and is now valued on eBay at almost $800 USD.

The Lego Creator Ferrari F40 will be officially released Saturday, August 1st, but is now available online and in Lego retail stores for Lego VIP members only.