Toy Nerd: Lego Review Death Star Final Duel 75093 - Father's Day Special
4.8Overall Score
Play or Display
Brick the Bank?

“I am a Jedi… like my father before me.” – Luke Skywalker, Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi

Lego Set 75093, Death Star Final Duel, can help you recreate one of the most memorable father and son moments in cinematic history.

We reviewed and rated this set based on four general criteria:

Eye-catcher (Presentation)

Like most Lego sets, the box sells itself. Showcasing Darth Vader’s newly designed helmet treatment, which closely resembles its real-life counterpart, it’s difficult to not pick it up from display.

In it’s most compact state, the set has a symmetrical base lay-out. Keeping the classic Death Star gray color tones, it can easily be a beefed-up cross-section from the Death Star set 10188. The elevated, multi-layered base gives it a sturdy foundation. However, some small elements can get loose from repositioning, or arranging the minifigs and other parts within the playable area.

Neck-breaker (Building Experience/Difficulty)

The set has 724 pieces, in six numbered bags, with the usual mini-bags for the smaller pieces. Each bag builds a significant area. Most elements and mini-builds are pretty simple, but you still get a pinch of excitement every time you finish a bag. Experienced builders/AFOLs can finish this in less than an hour. Overall, an easy set to build, but still challenging enough for the young builders.

Play or Display (Playability/Aesthetic Appeal)

This is one of the many Star Wars Sets that you can sit with for hours on end recreating your favorite scenes and moments from the film. The playable area can get a little tight and challenging, even if you pull out the extendable hallway, and open up the two side-stages. However, it makes up with a lot of fun and playable features like the lightsaber eject lever behind the Emperor’s throne, which may be the highlight of this set. To the left, you also have a collapsible platform wherein you can pop out two steps of the stairway. But the most important section of the set is probably the “pit” where Vader redeems himself, and saves his son from an imminent, slow death of torture from the Emperor.

The set definitely falls under the play-set category. But as the box itself suggests, you can set Vader and Luke with their classic lightsaber fight poses in front of the Emperor, and leave it in your glass display case.

Brick the Bank? (Value)

For $79 USD, with 724 pieces, it’s within the standard pricing bracket for Lego Star Wars non-UCS sets. Star Wars fans and FOL’s of all ages can definitely appreciate something fresh and new with the Lego Star Wars line. Darth Vader’s new helmet treatment is arguably this set’s best selling point. You can already find it being sold on eBay separately for a premium minifig price point. If you’re thinking of picking up a Lego Star Wars set for yourself, or appropriately as a Father’s Day present, Death Star Final Duel should be on, if not the top of, your list.