Fans of the Warcraft game series waited weeks for the movie of their favorite game to hit the cinemas. There was much excitement and everybody was eagerly waiting to see how their beloved video game pans out on the silver screen. As it turns out – not that great.


Early reviews foretold of graver times to follow, as most reviews are giving the movie a bad rating. Fans were devastated as one critic after another slung mud at the movie that has a special place in their hearts. Ever since the trend of video game adaptation came about, there has been some kind of a jinx.  No movie was ever a success at the box office.

According to fresh statistics, the movie is below a number of other video game movies such as Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia and the Resident Evil movies. It does, however, rank better than Hitman, Mortal Kombat, and House of The Dead among others.

However, these fans were more than optimistic. They just know that once more people saw it, the reviews would get better. But that didn’t turn out to be the case, well, not exactly. Actually, it has been a split decision. Critics continue to publish discouraging reviews. On the other hand, the fans are raving about it. Critics  call out the movie’s poor plot and less than impressive videography. As for the fans, although they admit that it’s not an Oscar-winning storyline, for them, it’s engaging enough especially if you’ve been playing the game.

So it’s really up to you who you’re going to believe. Maybe the movie was just really intended for the fans. So I really don’t understand the “hate” for this movie. But then again, it could be that I loved it because I am a fan. I guess for non-fans, it may become too boring or seemingly without a compelling plot. But for the fans, believe me, it’s an enthralling and brilliant adaptation. I loved every minute of it.